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Advancement in technologies and medical science has brought the solution to most of our problems. The increasing hair loss issues, hair fall problems and balding has lead to great demand in the hair transplant industry. Mumbai being the glamorous hub of India, everyone wants to look perfect, have the perfect shape and glowing skin. Then why leave beautiful hair behind? If you are losing hair, have lost hair because of disease, have heredity issues of baldness then you have come to the right place. - Nubello Aesthetics is the perfect spot for all your problems!

Located in Andheri and Kharghar, Nubello's hair transplant treatments are appreciated all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for offering the best hair transplant in Mumbai. We are here to solve all your problems related to hair loss and balding. Let us understand what who needs a hair transplant and what is it?

Do you need a Hair Transplant?

Advancement in technologies and medical science has brought the solution to most of our problems. The increasing hair loss Hair fall is natural and with age, hair loss increases. However, stress, environment, lack of nutrition, certain health conditions and heredity adds to hair fall in younger age. Losing 50 hair strands a day looks fine provided the new hair grows. But when there is only hair fall, no hair growth, the person is having hair loss process. Over the years hair loss process turns from thinning of hair to balding. Balding can be embarrassing, and anyone with these patterns can go for hair transplant:

  • Losing hair from the crown and getting bald from the front in the form of "M" - Male Pattern Baldness.
  • Broadening partition in women also known as female pattern baldness.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots on the head. This can be due to alopecia areata, trichotillomania or accidents.
  • Circular baldness from top of the head. This occurs mostly in Men. Also Male Pattern Baldness.
Hair Transplant is the ultimate solution to baldness. And if you have any of the above patterns of baldness then you have come to the right place. Nubello provides the best hair transplant in Mumbai. Understanding the hair transplant process will give you a clear picture of what Nubello offers. And this will ensure that Nubello is indeed the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.
Client Review After Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is the surgical process of planting hair from one region of the head to the bald region. In most cases, the hair is extracted from the backside or side blocks of the head. This region is called the donor region. The bald area where the hair is planted is called the recipient region. There are a set of different processes of extracting hair, which forms the various hair transplant types - FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular unit transplant) and (DHT) Direct Hair Transplant. In cases where there is no or weak donor hair on the head, then Nubello uses BHT (Body Hair Transplant) or Synthetic Hair Transplant, also known as Biofiber Hair Transplant. The surgeons in Nubello perform all of these hair transplants with efficiency and accuracy. Indeed Nubello is the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. Understanding in-depth about these various hair transplant procedures will help you choose the right hair transplant for your case.


One of the oldest hair transplant technique is FUT Hair Transplant. Though it is an outdated technique, it is still in use. New and advanced techniques like FUE, DHT, Long hair transplant, body hair transplant and bio fibre are trending because of simplicity, efficiency and painless. Let us understand each of these hair transplant treatments:

1: Follicular Unit Transplant: This hair transplant technique is also known as FUT. This technique is the traditional method. It involves extracting a linear strip of hair tissue, thus this is also called the strip hair transplant. This strip is usually cut from the back of the head (donor site). Individual hair grafts are separated. Afterwards, the surgeon implants the extracted hair on the bald region.
2: Follicular Unit Extraction: This hair transplant technique is also known as FUE. This technique is widely practised and very effective. In this transplant, the surgeon extracts hair follicles in a group of 1 to 4 hairs using micro blades. On the bald regions, the surgeon punctures small holes using microneedles and plants the extracted hair grafts. The procedure requires precision and accuracy. The FUE Hair transplant takes 2-3 hours for 200 hair grafts extraction. The surgery takes place in multiple sessions.
3: Direct Hair Implantation: This is also known as Direct Hair Transplant(DHT) is an advanced hair restoration method compared to FUE and FUT. The whole Direct Hair Transplant process uses direct hair implanter (DHI) tool. The surgeon extracts hair one-by-one using DHI tool. After extraction, the surgeon immediately implants the extracted hair into the recipient area. In this hair transplant, there is no scarring or injuries to the scalp.
4: Biofibre Hair Transplant: Synthetic hair transplant is an advanced procedure. In this, the surgeon implants artificially created bio-fibres also known as synthetic hairs. Cases where there is no donor hair or weak donor hair, this is very helpful. Easy implants and adjustments, and no scars. And an immediate result.
These are the major 4 Transplant techniques. Each of these has advantages and limitations. Depending on the severity of balding, cost, time and urgency, the patient opts according to their needs to any one of these hair transplants. There are two more hair restoration methods which use FUE or DHI technique. And they are:
1: Long Hair Transplant: FUE and FUT require shaving of the head, in case the patient doesn't want to shave their head before surgery, they can opt for long hair transplant. In this technique, the surgeon uses the DHI tool and extracts individual hair follicles and implants directly.
2: Body Hair Transplant: In the case of less donor hair, the patient can opt for body hair transplant. This is the case when the doctor extracts hair follicles from other parts of the body such as beard, chest, pubic hair and plants them on the scalp. This is a very complex process. FUE technique is used by the surgeon in Nubello for BHT process.

So, which Hair Transplant Treatment will you choose?

1: FUT hair transplant - Old technique, painful but effective.

2: FUE hair transplant - Widely used, less pain, no scars and cost-effective. However, the head needs to be shaved, prior surgery.

3: Direct Hair Transplant - Painless, immediate results and long term effects. No scarring or injuries to the scalp.

4: Biofibre Hair Transplant - Useful for patients with no, less or weak donor hair regions. Easy implants and adjustments, and no scars. And an immediate result.

5: Long Hair Transplant - For patient who doesn't want the head to be shaved. Immediate result.

6: Body Hair Transplant - For patients with no, less and weak donor hair regions. Complex but effective and successful results.

We hope, by now you have got a good insight on the hair transplant techniques and decided which hair transplant to opt for. Nubello has been in the hair industry for the past 8 years, and we have successfully performed more than 15K successful hair transplant cases. Indeed, we are one of the best hair transplant in Mumbai.


Nubello Aesthetics has the best hair loss doctors in Mumbai and the surgeons provide customized treatment. That is, the treatments are as per the needs of the patient. At Nubello, we expertise in bloodless FUE hair transplant, a technique which is mastered over years of experience by Nubello’s internationally acclaimed and certified doctors and surgeons. The results are astoundingly impressive and effective.
  • Multiple reputed specialist doctors with 10+ years of experience.
  • More than 20,000 satisfied patients.
  • International State of the art equipment.
  • Above all a customized approach to every patient.
We at Nubello Aesthetics, ensure that our patients get the best of hair treatments, care and comfort. Our team of experienced hair surgeons make sure that you get the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai. With the state of art technology types of equipment, Nubello makes the entire system and process of hair transplant easy and comfortable. Finance option for loans and EMI are available for all the patients.