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Biofiber hair transplant is a method wherein artificial or synthetic hair created from inert materials are implanted directly into the scalp of the individual. It is one of the greatest boons in today’s scientific innovation for people suffering from complete baldness or those who don’t have hair at the back side of the head which is usually used for the FUT or FUE hair transplant method.

NU Vantage Points on Bio Fiber Hair Transplant Treatment

Best Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Centre In Navi Mumbai
  • Zero reliance on donor's hair as the concept of donor is absent in this Bio Fiber Hair Transplant treatment.
  • Biofiber hair transplant cost in India is comparatively less than other countries and Nubello’s transplant cost would definitely make you feel ecstatic.
  • Bio fibers, matching international standards are made from inert material approved by Nubello research experts and which are tolerable to skin tissue.
  • Non binding treatment- Bio Fiber Hair Transplant treatment can be stopped whenever it is desired. There are no constraints to perform this treatment on solo basis as it can combine with other treatments as well. Bio Fiber Hair Transplant (Mumbai) can be performed after the cicatrization of hair transplant is achieved.
  • They have a reversible property due to which in case if fibers are to be extracted back, they won’t leave scars behind on the scalp.
  • Men or women both can vouch for this treatment as the Bio Fiber Hair Transplant treatment has been used for both the genders in a massive form.
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Path to Treatment and Result

Meet our Bio Fiber Hair Transplant Specialist

First and foremost you will be required to meet Nubello’s specialist who will listen to your issue and examine thoroughly to see if you really fit in the case of Bio-fiber transplant case. Most of the cases fit in this case as it involves zero risk when it comes to damaging of hair. Few tests are conducted to check whether the patient is sensitive to the bio fibers.

After consultation of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant

After the consultation, the patient is requested to decide for the further process including the bio fiber hair transplant cost. First the doctor will insert about 100 fibers to check if they are suitable to the skin and scalp of the particular patient.

Final results of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant

Once the treatment is done, there is no waiting time for the results to get reflected as it is instant.

Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Cost In Navi Mumbai