Necklines and Micro-needling , one an ailment and the other a treatment is one of the most widely known ailment and treatment in the cosmetics industry. Micro needling, also known as collagen induction therapy is an invasive therapy to rejuvenate one’s skin. That’s why it is also called as skin needling. Using derma rollers and others such as micro needling treatment on acne scars, it has certainly become one of the most common and sought after treatments for facial scars.

Why Necklines occur on women or men nowadays?

Sagging skin is one of the most common issues faced by youngsters today. An ailment which was formerly a worry for elders has raised its ugly head towards the younger generation. One of the main reasons why neck lines occur in men and women is due to the exposure of harsh effects of environment on the skin of face, hands and neck. Changing weather and climate, diets, etc contribute to the various causes of necklines and sagging skin.

Types of Neck Lines

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Neck Lines & Micro Needling


NU Juvapen Micro Needling Treatment

Juvapen is one of the novel technology based Botulinum toxin injection which is used in micro needling. Considered as one of the safest and painless procedures, Juvapen is known for its unparallel precision which has shown gigantic results on patients.

NU Dermafrac Treatment

A contemporary skin rejuvenation technique which has two independent modules which can be customized as per patient’s specification and requirements.

Dermapen Treatment - and Rejuvapen Treatment

This is a specialty treatment involving the usage of tool with 11 super-tiny needles on its tip which can be adjusted between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters. These are usually preferred to be used at home.

juvapen micro needling treatment
dermafrac treatment

Neckline treatments in Navi Mumbai

Nubello Aesthetics specialists inject neurotoxin into the Platysmal bands of the neck to reduce the neck lines and wrinkles. After the treatment the neck lines disappear and the patient can enjoy the new young look within days
So, where is a Neckline surgery center in Navi Mumbai or Neckline removal treatment center in Navi Mumbai or Micro needling treatment center in Navi Mumbai or Micro needling treatment on acne scars or perhaps just a plain Laser skin treatment center in Navi Mumbai?
The answer is simple – Nubello Aesthetics.It has a comprehensive service where Neckline surgery center, Neckline removal treatment center, Anti aging & skin treatment clinic, Micro needling treatment center and off course the very special Laser skin treatment center which all can be all together found in one single premise.