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Technology is booming and the results are to customize and make things simpler without consuming much of effort and time. One such technology is laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal treatment is growing high in demand, especially in women, who want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. If you are looking for laser hair removal treatment, then you have come to the right place! Nubello Aesthetics provides the best laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai.


Laser hair removal is a long-lasting hair removal technique and it can be done on almost all the body parts. It can be applied to larger body parts, which makes the process shorter and quicker.A laser beam targets the hair follicles through the skin and thus stop the hair growth. Laser hair removal is one of the best-recommended options for the fair-skinned people with dark hair as the melanin in the dark hair absorbs laser light well and thus the technique is more effective.

Laser under arms

Laser hair removal treatment takes 30-45 minutes per session and the treatment involves 6-8 sessions. The sessions depend on the hair growth on your body. The most suitable body parts in men for a Nubello laser hair removal treatment are:

  • Facial Laser Hair Removal
  • Underarm Laser Hair Removal
  • Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal
  • Full Body Laser Hair Removal
  • Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Other Hair Removal Remedies

  • Shaving: Razors can also be used for shaving body parts such as armpits, legs, and pubic hair. Though the process is quick, easy and cheap, unfortunately, the hair removed using shaving grows back in 3-4 days. Shaving must be repeated. Shaving can cause cuts and burns. These days there are soft razors available in the market which cause minimal cuts to no injury effects.
  • Threading: Threading is very common in women. This is one of the most common hair removal techniques for facial hair. Threading uses a thread and twisting it with fingers and manoeuvring it on the targeted area to remove the hair. This is not a permanent solution and hair comes back in a week. Though threading is very economical, painless and to be done in a salon, it applies to smaller regions and the hair grows in a week. However, laser hair removal treatment provides long-lasting and permanent hair removal option.
  • Hair Removal Cream: A depilatory is a creamy liquid that removes the hair from the skin. The cream has chemicals which when applied on the skin dissolves the hair and thus can be washed away. This is a quick process and is easily available at drug stores. This process can be best used on legs, armpits, private areas and even on the face. This is also not a permanent solution, the hair grows after 2 weeks. Due to chemical reactions, skin sensitivity, it is advised not to try on the pubic area before testing on other body parts.
  • Waxing: This is one of the temporary solutions but lasts longer than other options for up to 4 weeks. This can be done with professional help or as a DIY process at home. Waxing is done to remove the hair on hands, legs, and chest or even back. However, this is a temporary option. Hence, laser hair removal treatment offers an effective solution compared to waxing.
  • Electrolysis: In this process, an electric current is sent through the hair root to kill it. This process targets the smaller areas of the body such as eyebrows, underarms and upper lips. This is done over several sittings and takes around 10-16 hours in total with an approximate 15-30mins per treatment. The treatment may go on for a yearly basis the amount of hair being removed. This provides a permanent solution but it is a painful treatment.
Except for electrolysis, all the other 4 options do not provide long-lasting. Hence, for a smoother, painless and permanent choice, we recommend laser hair removal therapy.
Our Client's Interview After Laser hair Removal
Client Review After Successful Hair Transplant


Nubello Aesthetics solves all your doubts and queries. Get the best laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai, only at Nubello. Here are set of few doubts that one has before laser hair removal therapy:

Does Laser hair removal treatment permanently remove Hair?

The laser hair removal treatment is done on the hair follicles, reducing their growth and capacity to re-grow. In 5-6 sessions, it drastically reduces hair growth, thus resulting in permanently stopping hair from regrowing and offering smooth and soft skin.

Is Laser hair removal treatment Safe?

At Nubello, the latest US FDA approved Nd YAG laser therapy is used, which is completely safe and suitable for all skin types.

Does the Laser hair removal treatment procedure hurt?

No, the laser hair removal treatment doesn’t hurt. It is completely safe, done at moderate temperature and perfectly suitable and bearable by the patient.

Do I have to Shave/ Wax before laser hair removal treatment?

No need. Hairs above skin must be removed before the treatment and this is done at the Nubello centre, the patient need not do anything. It advisable that the patient doesn’t do waxing before or after surgery.

Is it true that laser hair removal treatment causes Cancer?

No, it is not true. The light energy used in laser hair removal treatment only adds superficial heating and causes destruction of hair follicles, which results in permanent hair reduction. Research proves there is no risk of cancer because of laser therapy.

Does Laser hair removal treatment have any long term Side Effects?

The laser has no side effects. There are no laser hair removal treatment side effects.


Nubello uses ND Yag Laser, being US FDA approved, this laser technology is not only safe for all skin types but it is very much suitable to Indian skin. It is operated by skilled certified skin practitioner and renowned dermatologists. There are hardly any side effects of laser hair removal. Any pigmentation, if any can be easily treated with creams and powders. Nubello Aesthetics is in the skin industry for the past 8 years, and we have treated more than 5000 clients. Being one of the top clinics for laser hair removal treatment in Mumbai, we provide:
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Most Advanced Technology
  • Highly Experienced Laser Therapists
  • Affordable Prices
Nubello comprises of the laser treatment centre in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai along with its other cosmetic services. Visit us today and get FREE Consultation!