Dimple creation surgery in Navi Mumbai is one of the most common and desired treatment due to its aesthetic importance. It is one of the simplest surgical procedures which are done by dimple creation surgeons under local anesthesia. The reason it is safe and simple is because it takes minimum swelling and bruising as compared to other surgeries. As per symmetry and face structure of a person, dimples are created with the best possible results through dimple creation surgery.


  • To make the facial features more attractive.
  • To boost one's confidence
  • To make one's look more appealing
Reasons for Dimple

Dimple Surgery

Painless dimple creation process or dimple creation surgery procedure

dimple creation process
  • Duration for dimple creation surgery is 20-30 minutes and is done easily.
  • First and foremost, administration of local anesthesia is done on the patient for a painless dimple creation process.
  • Once the anesthesia is administered to the patient, the dimple creation surgeon makes a small incision on the inside of the cheek through which a small stitch (absorbable) is passed to catch the surface which is under the skin where a dimple will be created as per patient and surgeon decision.
  • Once this is done, the stitch is tied to create a perfect dimple over the cheek.
  • The stitches get dissolved within 5-7 days after the surgery and post care advice and recommendation are given by the dimple creation surgeons and specialist.
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