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Dermatitis is one of the few ailments which today’s generation has faced on a grand scale. Globalization has invented more diseases and ailments in bringing radical changes in development of human life. Human hair has evolved significantly from the early Stone Age eras to the 21st century modern era. In today’s world many people are facing scalp disorders causing hair loss and it seems Dermatitis is one of the prime ailments.

Dermatitis is one of those scalp issue that if left untreated can cause hair loss. It is characterized by white to red oily patches or scales on the scalp or any part of the body. Dermatitis or eczema is generalized term for inflammable skin and depicts the swollen redden skin, scalp rash and itching. If this skin disorder (dermatitis) is found on a infant’s scalp it is called as “Cradle Cap”. Hence it can be found in many forms and can be caused due to many reasons. And if it appears on the adults scalp then it is called as “Dandruff” (scalp psoriasis dandruff). Nubello offers the best dandruff treatment in Navi Mumbai.

Dermatitis Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai

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Dermatitis Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai

Scalp disorders that cause hair loss are numerous in terms of type and prolongers.

Scalp disorders symptoms vary with condition, depending upon the location of rash. They range from skin rashes to bumpy rashes including blisters. Hormonal imbalance plays a major role in causing scalp hair disorders, scalp disorders and diseases including contagious scalp disorders.

Cradle Cap

Scalp rash on child or Cradle cap as mentioned above is one of the ailments which are left untreated in India due to unawareness. But in the long run it creates panic among kids which transforms into misery. Dermatitis is not communicable or contagious and also not a life threatening disorder. People facing this kind of scalp i.e. dermatitis trouble often feel uncomfortable and depressed.

Dermatitis Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai
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Bathing once or more a day is recommended. It is a misconception that bathing dries the skin in people with scalp psoriasis (dermatitis) and hair loss. Soaps should be avoided as they tend to strip the skin of natural oils and lead to excessive dryness. It is not clear whether dust mite reduction helps with scalp psoriasis relief.
Dermatitis Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai

Hair Loss Causes

Dermatitis Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai

Other Causes of Hair Loss

  • 50 to 100 strands -As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.
  • Non Heredity -Having uniformity in size of hair follicles and sudden hair loss is not related to heredity issues. It's usually the effect of bad medication.
  • Cosmetics -Heavy and ignorant use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons may lead to severe issues related to hair loss.


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