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Dandruff is usually seen as the dust on hair where in TV advertisements it gets blown away by a women’s breathe-blow around the shoulder. But ever thought what exactly dandruff is? It is simply the dead scalp skin which gets flaked due to wearing out of the skin cells on the scalp.
Itching, irritation and what not! Dandruff and hair loss problem are considered as one of the most common scalp disorder issues faced by today’s teen and young men and women. It is a proven fact that keratinocytes plays a crucial role in the generation of immunological reactions while forming dandruff. Dandruff Hair Loss treatment clinics have worked and researched on different causes associated with dandruff and hair infection. And Nubello is one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai, providing the best dandruff treatment in Navi Mumbai. Here are some of the causes.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai
  • Sebaceous secretions also known as oily skin (scalp)
  • Yeast
  • Dry skin
  • Skin conditions
  • Sensitivity to skin care or hair care products
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Refraining from daily bath
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Scalp Problem

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff hair loss treatment is usually carried out domestically with a slight input of home remedies. That being said, Dandruff and hair fall treatments vary from case to case depending upon the skin type, hair texture, and ofcourse the sex of the individual.
Home remedies such as using tea tree oil, shampoos, fenugreek seeds, coconut oil pack, curd, baking soda, apple cider, henna or mehendi might work for Dandruff and hair loss problem. But again can it really provides the results which people look for is debatable as there are no proven theories or evidence to support it. Reduction of fungus on the scalp with the help of zinc pyrithione is one of the prime treatments. Limitation of turnover cells by selenium sulfide, and finally to uproot the Dandruff and hair loss problem is the recommendation of tar based shampoo (with salicylic acid) once in 2 days with a good conditioner.
With Nubello’ Dandruff hair loss treatment, dandruff problem can be uprooted with the help of exclusive gels and shampoos (recommended by doctor) which help in relieving the dandruff once and for all. And not only this, Nubello’ Dandruff treatment clinic in Navi Mumbai is known for its special attention given to the issue of dandruff for males and females across the city.

Why Nubello is unique In Dandruff Hair Loss Treatment

Nubello Aesthetics which has an advanced hair transplantation clinic in Navi Mumbai has been innovating techniques and methods beating international standards and approach. In the age of surgical strikes, we help you to strike the hair fall symptoms with hair treatment ranging from Follicular unit Transplantation to Platelet Rich Plasma therapy at the best Hair implantation center in Navi Mumbai. There are several Hair implantation center and hair transplantation clinics across the globe but what exactly make Nubello different are the precision and world class techniques which can be achieved only after years of experience and sophistication.