Butt surgery Treatment or Buttock augmentation is also known as Gluteoplasty which is a plastic surgery procedure for the correction of the congenital, traumatic, and acquired defects and deformities of the buttocks and the anatomy of the gluteal region and for the aesthetic enhancement of the contour of the buttocks. Cosmetic surgery to enhance buttocks has been in the trend in the west. The trend has finally reached the shores of India with Nubello Aesthetics (plastic surgery clinic) signature treatments which have given significant and trendsetting treatments surpassing international standards.

Reasons for Butt Surgery & Augmentation

  • Size of the buttocks (Small or big). Everyone wishes for a perfect buttock for an appealing appearance.
  • Clothing doesn't fit perfectly.
  • Weight loss after effects which may have left the butt saggy
  • To balance the appearance of buttock with the breasts.
  • Perfect symmetry.
  • To increase the roundness of the buttocks
  • To make the buttocks more tight, smooth and curvier.
  • Improving the body contours
Butt Implant, Enlargement, Lift, Tightening Surgery Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Butt Surgery

Butt Surgery and Augmentation Procedure

There are two types of procedure at Nubello Aesthetics.

  • NU Buttock Implants Surgery - This technique involves placing the implants into the buttocks to improve their volume, fullness and contour.
  • NU Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery - This procedure is injection of fat into the buttocks by taking the fat from other part of the body through liposuction.
Butt Implant, Enlargement, Lift, Tightening Surgery Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Butt Surgery Procedure (includes buttocks implant surgery, butt enlargement surgery, buttocks lift surgery, buttocks tightening surgery)

  • First and foremost, anesthesia is given to the patient to avoid pain and discomfort.
  • Surgeon makes the incision on the crease of the buttocks or on the top of both sides of the buttocks.
  • Finally the implants are placed into the pockets which are made in the buttocks below gluteal muscles.
  • After proper placement of the implants the incisions are eventually closed by the surgeon with a suture.
  • Post butt surgery consultations and advice are given to the patient.


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