Platelet Rich Plasma better known as PRP has been in the medical field from a very long time for soft tissue healing. With the advancement in technology and increasing demands, PRP is now being frequently used as a hair loss treatment. PRP hair treatment is one of the innovative and effective therapy for controlling hair loss. This also promotes hair growth which makes it efficient and widely practised as a hair loss treatment. This hair loss treatment process uses patient’s blood in the therapy, thus offers a natural solution to hair fall. Understanding the process of PRP therapy for hair will give you a clear picture of how Nubello Aesthetics offers the best PRP hair treatment in Mumbai.

Best PRP hair treatment in Mumbai.

PRP treatment for hair loss is one of the ground-breaking and powerful processes to control hair loss. This is one of the main hair loss treatments provided by Nubello Aesthetics. PRP therapy for hair is a 3-step hair loss treatment. In this, the patient’s blood is withdrawn, treated, and then injected into the patient's scalp.

This PRP injection triggers and stimulates natural hair growth. This PRP therapy increases blood supply to the hair follicle and also improves the thickness of the hair. This therapy is combined with hair transplants to prove the best solution to balding.

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

PRP therapy for hair loss is a 3-step process and mostly given to patients in 4-6 sessions. Each session is given to the patient in 3-4 weeks apart. Platelet-rich plasma for hair starts showing results after 2 sessions.

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The PRP therapy process:

Step1: Extraction of blood - The patient's blood is drawn, usually from arms. This extracted blood is put into the centrifugal machine. This machine spins rapidly and separates blood fluids into different densities.

Step2: Blood in the centrifugal machine takes 10-15 minutes to meet the final output. After 15 minutes, the blood is separated into 3 layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells.

Step3: The platelet-rich plasma is drawn using the injection and later injected into the targeted region in the scalp. Plasma is a component of the blood that contains special proteins which support cell growth.

Using the idea of plasma factor, PRP is injected into the balding regions of the scalp to stimulate and assist in regrowth of new, healthy hair follicles. As the whole process involves the patient's blood and nothing external, the PRP treatment for hair loss is a natural method of controlling the hair loss.

Advantages of PRP Hair treatment for hair loss.

  • Naturally-Induced: The PRP hair treatment does not use any external agents, thus natural and 100% safe. Patient’s protein and plasma rich blood are injected, and due to which the body responds and this makes accelerate the hair growth process.
  • Fast Recovery: There PRP treatment for hair loss has little to no recovery time. Slight redness or swelling at the site of the PRP injection will disappear in a day however, this will not stop the patient from doing their day-to-day activities.
  • Suitable for All Skin Types: If you are looking for a safe, effective treatment for hair regrowth, PRP treatment for hair loss is suitable for all skins.
  • NO Scars: There is minimal to no scarring with PRP hair treatment. Thus this makes it a perfect therapy for those who want to minimize the appearance of visible scars.
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Who needs the PRP hair treatment?

Men suffering from androgenetic alopecia which leads to male pattern baldness can opt for the PRP hair treatment. Women with hair thinning issues caused by female pattern baldness and increasing gap in the partition region can choose the PRP therapy for hair to control the hair thinning damage.

When to go for Hair PRP therapy and not hair transplant?

Hair transplant treatment and PRP hair treatment are 2 different processes. When the patient faces hair loss to a certain level where bald patches are visible, it is advisable to choose the hair transplant treatment. However, when the hair loss is at the initial stage and the patient has been experiencing hair loss within the last 5 years time period, then the patient can choose PRP treatment for hair loss. Nubello Aesthetics experts in both the procedures and we have been in the hair treatment industry for the past 8 years. We have been striving to offer the best PRP hair treatment in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

PRP Hair Treatment Cost in Mumbai.

PRP hair treatment typically consists of 4-6 sessions for better results. In the case where the hair loss severity is high, the patient might require maintenance PRP hair therapies once every 4–6 months. The PRP hair treatment price in Mumbai typically ranges from 20,000 rs – 40,000 rs for 4-6 sessions. And these pricing depends on several factors such as:

  1. The geographic location of the clinic.
  2. Quality of equipment - blood collection tubes, centrifugal machines and syringes.
  3. Surgeon practising the PRP therapy.

Best PRP Hair Treatment Clinic in Mumbai.

At Nubello Aesthetics, we offer the best PRP hair treatment to our patients. We follow strict guidelines and avoid these risks of side effects: injury to nerves, any kind of infection, and scarring tissues. We have more than 10K successful PRP hair treatment cases.

We at Nubello have experienced hair doctors with more than 10years knowledge. And we are one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai located in Andheri and Kharghar. We at Nubello Aesthetics, ensure that our clients get the best of hair loss treatments, care and support. Our team of qualified hair surgeons make sure that you get the best hair loss treatments in Mumbai.

Come, visit us today and get a FREE Consultation on Hair Loss Problems.

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