" I've always said that grey hair looks good on everybody but you. To me, it makes me look old."
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Not only for Mr. Rogers everyone thinks and feels that premature graying and hair loss definitely makes people look old and uninviting. It has been a widely debated topic right from the Mecca of hair transplant (America) to Australia. And the biggest reason for confusion is that there is no specific cause for premature graying of hair.

Premature Graying Treatment In Navi Mumbai

Premature graying occurs when hair stops producing melanin through the skin. So when can we really say that graying of hair is premature? As a matter of fact there is no specific rule of thumb. But it is observed and considered that 20s is considered as the perfect age to name graying of hair as premature. Gray hair which symbolizes aging is knocking the door of youngsters at a very early age.

This grey day which used to arrive in late 30s or early 40s in women is changed now. Today’s women are losing natural hair texture and color much earlier than expected. It not only affects one's looks but also self esteem and confidence.


Vantage Point on Premature Graying

Coronary and cardio vascular disease prevalence in men suffering from premature graying is more as opposed to women facing the same issue. is more as opposed to women facing the same issue.

Use of hot iron for the purpose of straightening may affect the already damaged hair on a permanent basis. This can lead to Premature Graying. So it is better to avoid it and let it look the way it looks.

Though it is not proved, there are cases where premature graying and hair fall has led to lower bone density in later stages of life.

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" Persons to person, individual to individual the treatment would differ. So it would be not only wise but recommended to visit our specialists and get a clear picture and take decisions. "

Can premature graying be cured? Can premature graying be reversed? Are there any premature graying solutions? : And the list goes on.
So let’s see what the solutions are.

At Nubello, first the patient is checked for all the above said causes and is provided with the best possible custom solution to not only recover but improve over the prevalent condition.
One of the many solutions include testing the blood of the patient first and extracting the plasma from it and making a potent solution by mixing the plasma with one of the natural formula concocting into a whole new solution and then applying it on the affected and about to affect regions of the mane and scalp.
The solution gives result in 30-40 days from the day of treatment.
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