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Otoplasty Surgery/Ear Surgery In Navi Mumbai

Otoplasty surgery/Ear Surgery surgery is one of the most important cosmetic surgeries in the aesthetics world. It is a surgical procedure sometimes non-surgical to correct the deformity or defect of the ear lobes or ‘pinna’ - the external ear. Since the ear anatomy is comprised of a delicate and extremely complex framework of the cartilage, the ear surgery doctors take extra care while operating the patient so that the result is perfect and aesthetically appealing.


Types of Otoplasty Surgery/Ear Surgery

Ear augmentation

Ear reduction

Ear Pinback


Reasons for Otoplasty Surgery or Ear Reshaping Surgery or Ear Operation

Cauliflower ear (outer ear broken)


Ear injuries

Defects on ear due to cancer surgeries

Bat ears

Uneven ears


Otoplasty procedure (Ear surgery in plastic surgery clinic of Nubello Aesthetics)

Duration for otoplasty surgery is around 2 hours.

On first instance itself, local or general anesthesia is given to the patient.

Then as per the aesthetic requirement the ear surgeon makes the incision behind the ears (for protruding ear) or in the folds of the ear. The alteration is done as per the increase or decrease in the size by adding cartilage or snipping the part of the cartilage making it aesthetically perfect.

Once the repositioning is done the ear reshaping surgeon closes the incision by sutures.

Post care advice and recommendations are given to the patient by the ear surgeon and specialist.


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The Answer is simple one and only Nubello Aesthetics!

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