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A Brief Overview

Aging first and foremost affects the neck region among the entire body part. Neck lift surgery has been done significantly is on the rise due to its low risks and high efficient results perks. Cosmetic surgery has and is been the real boon for many young to old people who face aging related issues especially from neck aspect. It not only removes the excess skin and fat tissues in the neck but gives a transforming look which men and women desire and find appealing.


Reasons for Neck lift Surgery (Neck Reshaping Surgery/Neck Lift Operation/Neck Lift Plastic Surgery)

Neck Lift


Rapid weight loss

Disease & medical problems


Sun damage on neck skin

Turkey wattle neck

Excess fat under jaws & neck


Treatment Types For Neck Lift Plastic Surgery Are

Liposuction (Removes Excess Fat)

Cervicoplasty (Removes Excess Skin)

Buccal Fat Removal

Platysmaplasty (For Unwanted Band Lines)


Procedure For Neck Reshaping Surgery (Neck Lift Surgery):

First and foremost is the administration of general anesthesia to the patient.

Incisions are made by neck lift surgeons over the hairline at the level of sideburn, beneath the chin and around the ears as per the face structure and symmetry.

Then the surgeon will start removing the excess fat skin tissues and then tighten the muscle to make it look firm and tight.

Once this is done, the neck lift surgeon closes the incisions through sutures.

After care advices and recommendations are given by the doctors once the neck lift surgery is done.


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The Answer is simple - Nubello Aesthetics! which has a latest cosmetic surgery clinic in kharghar and an advanced cosmetic surgery in Navi Mumbai which has been creating and developing new techniques and methods beating international standards and approach. Precision and perfection which is the only aspect where cosmetics surgery excels is what Nubello constantly work and achieve for the past 5 years. Our surgeons who have experience exceeding 10 years have made more success stories than any other clinics for cosmetics surgery.

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