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A General Brief

When the word comes to our mind what does one feel? Black, a coarse or silky texture which would vary on the basis of age, sex and geographical region where one is present and living.

Presence of hair has always added an extra dash to the personality of men and women since early ages.

Hair loss treatment for women

Imagining one's personality without hair is pretty depressive and upsetting unless one is Howie Mandel~! Though few of the ailments related to hair loss can be treated with home remedies or medicines, most of the hair related issues can only be solved by a proper investigation of the ailment and then corrective measures after that.


Specific Sneak Peek-

Hair usually grows in a grouping of 1-4 or 1-5 hairs. Though outdated techniques like FUT (follicular unit transplantation) are still in use, new techniques like FUE , PRP , bio fiber and DHT (Hyperlink daliyo) are in the growing trend due its cutting edge tech and unbelievable results.

Female pattern baldness treatment in navi Mumbai

Modern surgical hair transplant procedures date back to a Japanese dermatologist Sasagawa Okuda, Tamura and Fujita who were using small auto grafts which had hair follicles for correcting scars and alopecia.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair implantation center

Other Causes of Hair Loss

50 to 100 strands - As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.

Non Heredity - Having uniformity in size of hair follicles and sudden hair loss is not related with heredity issues. It's usually the effect of bad medication.

Cosmetics - Heavy and ignorant use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons may lead to severe issues related with hair loss.

Innovations In Hair Transplantation-

Innovations within the hair transplant have been in rise due to people's preference and choices which overall affects the hair growth and follicle strengthening effects.

Usually the hair is transplanted from the backside of the layer of head (donor) to the front end of the head where the hair is less or started to bald. The only reason behind this procedure is due to presence of thick and strong hair at the back end of the scalp. But FUE procedure is more preferred amongst all patients due to its simple and scar less technique.

hair transplant innovations and procedures
hair transplantation recovery

Usually the recovery of any surgery occurs after 60-90 days. After care and post care are done with proper consultations from the specialist as it is the next big thing when it comes to hair transplantation procedure.

At Nubello, we go one step ahead where we perform bloodless FUE, a technique which is mastered over years of experience by Nubello’ internationally acclaimed and certified doctors and surgeons. The results are astoundingly impressive and convincing.

Female pattern baldness treatment in navi Mumbai
men hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai
hair fall before and after images
Female hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai

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