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Hair follicle aging - The stem cell which is associated with each and every follicle is responsible for maintaining the renewal of hair follicles as hair loss accelerates with the aging of the hair follicle.


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A General Brief

Every human loses hair. The difference is between a normal hair loss and an abnormal hair loss.50-80 hair loss in 2 days is a normal condition but if the ratio increases so does the risk of abnormality.

Hair loss is a typically characterized by loss of hair from a part of the head. Severe cases have led to balding where the entire part of the body (head) becomes hair less. Sometimes hair loss occurs over the body due to some hormonal reasons. But when hair loss is discussed or talked about, it usually refers to the head region.

There are many terms, names, and types of baldness and hair loss. The most famous is Alopecia which is a classic Greek term meaning 'fox'. The reason directly correlates to the animal shedding its coat twice a year because of mange (a skin disease).

Specific Sneak Peek

Hair though a useless part of the body is considered to be the most important factor in grooming one’s personality as it adds a special seasoning. Imagining oneself without hair is quite depressing but when the hair loss rises its ugly head it rages havoc in an individual’s personality. Hair loss can be due to many reasons from diet to weather related issues as mentioned in the below info graph but what is a fascinating factor is the severity of hair loss which differs from a specific cause.

The growth of hair follicle occurs in a systematic cycle starting from a long growing phase which is known as anagen and then moves on to a transitional phase which is synonymous with catagen. It further proceeds to a short resting phase known as telogen. And afterwards it ends with a resting phase i.e. the hair fall which is known as exogen which leads to the start of the cycle again wherein the hair starts to grow again.

scalp disorders causing hair loss

How to combat hair loss?

Usually there isn’t a difference in determining the cause of the issue with respect to male or female pattern baldness but it is usually concluded that drugs is the root cause if it isn’t hereditary.

Since early time’s doctors, physicians, surgeons have worked on a global scale to uproot the issue related with hair loss. The pull and pluck test is known to be the first one where the prognosis starts where in examination of the hair from three different region after plucking is done. If the ailment is not rooted down to a solution then the prognosis gets further with scalpy biopsy.

Medical solutions

Rogaine, Propecia, hair replacements and hair restoration are some of the solutions to help treat baldness. It varies from case to case about which kind of medicines or treatments must be recommended or taken. Since the discovery of hair transplantation, use of medicines is limited to a very few patients as individuals across the globe are opting for transplant methods. In that too, innovations are swarming with ultra tech solutions which make the hair transplant method useful and effective.

Hair Loss Causes

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Other Causes of Hair Loss

50 to 100 strands - As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.

Non Heredity - Having uniformity in size of hair follicles and sudden hair loss is not related with heredity issues. It's usually the effect of bad medication.

Cosmetics - Heavy and ignorant use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons may lead to severe issues related with hair loss.

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