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And so does for every other thing which exists or will exist in this very universe. Globalization and technological upliftment has helped man achieve his dream to land in moon and reach paramount heights in development but at the same time it has given cruel after effects to man’s existence. From chronically afflicted diseases to hormonal changes which in turn lead to complex diseases and ailments has affected men and women as a whole. Rapid aging, obesity and early balding is one of the most rampant effects which is seen amongst men and women.

Well, definitely we won’t expatiate on all the issues but we would certainly look at Hair fall as an ailment.

There are plenty of treatments available for hair transplant. People get confused with treatments more than the actual ailment. So to avoid any further confusion we come forward with a sneak peek into the highly debated topic –

fut and fue procedure

Difference between fut. and fue hair transplant method!

To understand what is fut. or Follicular Unit Transplant, please click here.

And to understand what is meant by Fue or FollicularUnit Extraction, please click here .

So if you have finished reading the above topics lets clearly understand What is difference between fut and fue?

The exact difference in a nutshell can be rooted down to 3 important aspects.

Pain during and after the treatment

Scar after the treatment and finally,

Cost difference between fut and fue

Hair Loss Causes

Hair implantation center

Other Causes of Hair Loss

50 to 100 strands - As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.

Non Heredity - Having uniformity in size of hair follicles and sudden hair loss is not related with heredity issues. It’s usually the effect of bad medication.

Cosmetics - Heavy and ignorant use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons may lead to severe issues related with hair loss.

Pain- It is encountered and observed that the potential pain while operating through FUT is more than that of FUE.

It is encountered and observed that the potential pain while operating through FUT is more than that of FUE.
The FUT method usually leaves a tiny (1mm) line of scar at the back side of head after the treatment which is then concealed through a hair style using the hair. To its contrast, FUE treatment leaves no scars whatsoever the severity might be.
Initially FUT was quite cheap in terms of cost per hair grafts. This was purely due to the requirement of hair grafts as it would vary from person to person. But due to the rising trend of people opting for FUE , the FUE treatment is far cheaper than FUT.
cost difference between fut and fue

Now the questions arise, which treatment is suitable for you?

Answer is simple, Consult our specialist for free!
Once you have the answers and a proper road map about the treatment which you should or would be required to undergo.

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