Best Synthetic Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Biofibre or Artificial or Synthetic Hair Transplant is the final option and the ultimate solution to balding. Hair loss has many variations, so does the hair loss treatments. If the hair loss is at the initial stage, with medications, PRP therapy, derma roller treatment and lifestyle change, hair loss can be controlled and hair growth can be improved. However, when the hair loss severity is high, a combination of hair transplant, medications and PRP therapy can be used. In such a case, not all hair transplant treatment is suitable for complete baldness. Most of the hair transplant treatments require donor hair, hair from the backside of the scalp or the sides, but when there is no donor's hair to use in hair transplantation, the only solution left is the artificial or synthetic hair transplant. Nubello Aesthetics offers the class of biofibre/synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai.

Who benefits from synthetic hair transplant?

Besides being the ultimate solution to baldness, the synthetic hair transplant works wonder for anyone who is looking for:

  1. Patients who want an instant result.
  2. Patients who don't have a donor's hair. Weak or Less Donor Hair.
  3. Patients looking for a fuller head appearance.

Understanding the process involved in biofibre hair transplant at Nubello will clarify your doubts and we are sure in the end, you will agree to the fact that we provide one of the best synthetic hair transplants in Mumbai.

What is a Biofibre/Synthetic Hair Transplant?

Biofibre hair transplant is and advanced hair restoration treatment. In this, the surgeon implants artificially created bio-fibres. Unlike the normal hair transplant where patients hair is implanted, in this, the bio fibres also known as synthetic hairs are planted. These fibres are inserted into the skin for a more natural look. Because of which, it resembles the natural hair. At Nubello, we have bio fibres in various lengths - 15, 30 and 45 cm. These fibres are also available as straight, wavy fibres along with different colours. As mentioned earlier, this synthetic hair transplant is very helpful for the exceptional cases where the quality, density of donor's hair is poor. This is one of the most advanced hair loss treatments possible with multiple benefits such as:

  1. Zero reliance on donor’s hair.
  2. This is a non-binding treatment. The patient can stop the treatment as and when required.
  3. Easy implants and adjustments, and no scars.
  4. Immediate result.

Steps involved in synthetic hair transplant.

The approach for Synthetic hair transplant at Nubello starts with a FREE consultation with our expert doctors. After examination of the bald region, the surgeon performs a patch test, which is to test the compatibility of the fibres with the skin. For a time period of 3 weeks or 1 month, the surgeon implants with 75-100 bio fibres. During this time period, the surgeon looks for allergic reactions and adaptability. In case of adverse reactions on patients, the bio fibres are removed. However, in the case of no negative reactions and the bio fibres suit the skin, the surgeon implants complete set of bio fibres in multiple sessions. Nubello has expert doctors and we have been performing bio fibre hair transplant from last 8 years, and being one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai, we strive to offer the best and successful Synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai.

Benefits and limitations of the synthetic hair transplant?

The compatibility of patients skin and fibres is also one of the drawbacks. If the patch test turns successful, the patient can happily opt for synthetic hair transplant. With so many benefits - quick results, no scars, painless and no donor's hair reliance, the only disadvantage it has is that about 15% bio fibres get lost every year. These lost fibres need to be replaced on a yearly basis. This hair transplant requires maintenance, so the charges increase. As the fibres are of fixed length, they do not grow back if cut.

Biofibre/Synthetic Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

As the hair transplant offers synthetic fibres and the surgery requires precision, accuracy and experience, the cost is high. The bio fibre hair grafts cost 85-150Rs. There are a set of factors affecting the cost and they are:

  • The number of hair grafts required.
  • Location of the hair clinic.
  • The experience of the surgeon.

Synthetic hair transplant is costlier than the normal hair transplants like FUT, DHT and FUE Hair Transplant. However, Nubello makes the entire system and process of hair transplant easy and comfortable. Finance option for loans and EMI are available for all the patients. We at Nubello Aesthetics, ensure that our patients get the best of hair treatments, care and comfort. Our team of experienced hair surgeons make sure that you get the best synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai.

Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Cost In Navi Mumbai
Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Cost In Navi Mumbai
Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Cost In Navi Mumbai
Bio Fibre Hair Transplant Cost In Navi Mumbai

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