Best Dandruff Treatment in Mumbai

Dandruff is a scalp condition which causes hair loss, itching and dry flakes. Flaking of dead skins is a normal process, but environmental factors along with unhygienic scalp conditions lead to excessive shedding of dead skin from the scalp. Dandruff is not contagious but it can be embarrassing. Dandruff is a normal scalp disease which affects everyone. The severity of dandruff fluctuates with the season. This condition often worsens in winters. Medical cleansers or anti-dandruff shampoos provide solutions from Dandruff, however, this is temporary. Lack of hair wash, pollution, shampoos, chemicals, colourings and health conditions are increasing dandruff predicaments in men and women. This increase in demand has given advantages to the anti-dandruff shampoos. However, the solution isn't effective nor permanent. Shampoos and home remedies don't provide a stable resolution. For those who are constantly looking for the solution to cure dandruff, you have come to the right place. At Nubello, we have a unique approach to uproot the dandruff problem by providing the best anti-dandruff treatment in Mumbai. With the help of exclusive gels, shampoos, lotions and a couple of sessions with our dermatologists, we focus on relieving dandruff once and for all.

Dandruff – Inching and Flakes

The dermatologists point to dandruff as seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis. And dandruff can affect all. Dandruff in babies is called cradle-cap, and it not only forms on the scalp, but dandruff occurs on other parts like - ears, eyebrows, beard, nose, and at times on the chest. This is a skin condition, where people experience dandruff in periodic cycles, or certain seasons.

Signs and symptoms of dandruff:

  • White flakes.
  • Itchy scalp
  • A facial rash on eyebrows, nose, and ears.
  • Oily scalp.
  • Eyebrow or beard or chest rash.

So, what causes dandruff?

  • Oily scalp.
  • Poor hygiene and Occasional hair washing.
  • Excessive chemical usage.
  • Allergic and sensitive to personal care products.
  • Pollution, dirt and scalp infections.
  • A yeastlike fungus (Malassezia).
  • Dry skin.

Dandruff Treatment Centre In Navi Mumbai

Hair loss & Dandruff Treatment

Home Remedies

In severe cases, dandruff is accompanied by hair loss, and some of the home remedies for dandruff may work well such as: using Tea Tree Oil, coconut oil, applying aloe vera gel, adding Apple Cider Vinegar, and using fenugreek seeds. These might work for a few and might not work for others. These home remedies are debatable and sometimes might give a temporary solution. That is when one must visit a dermatologist to get a complete solution. And Nubello is one of the reputed hair clinics in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and we endeavour the best dandruff treatment in Mumbai.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

After consultation with the dermatologist, you can use any of these anti-dandruff cleansers:

  • Pyrithione zinc shampoos: The agent zinc pyrithione works as antibacterial as well as antifungal.
  • Tar-based shampoos.
  • Salicylic acid shampoos.
  • Selenium sulfide shampoos.
  • Ketoconazole shampoos.

Dandruff Treatment at Nubello Aesthetics

In case, when dandruff is spreading, causing hair loss, increasing redness, painful, or infected despite proper scalp care and hair hygiene, visit us. You might need medical attention. We at Nubello focus on 3 steps:

  • Cleaning and Removing Dandruff.
  • Regulating natural oils and preventing dry scalp conditions.
  • Nourishing the scalp, hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

Through regress efforts, we are striving to offer the best hair fall and dandruff treatment in Mumbai. Satisfaction and happiness of our clients are what we are endeavouring towards.

The procedure involved in Dandruff treatment:

  1. Consultation with the dermatologist for hair and scalp analysis along with an examination of dandruff severity.
  2. An in-service anti-dandruff treatment is provided to the patient, and based on the position, the number of sessions is fixed.
  3. After, the anti-dandruff treatment, the dermatologist subscribes medications, cleansers and lotions.
  4. Through anti-dandruff treatment and medications, the dermatologist directs flaking issues.
  5. Once the scalp is clean, the dermatologist focuses on controlling scalp itchiness. And furthermore, the dermatologist offers hair care products, supplements and oil therapies for hair nourishment.

Best hair fall and dandruff treatment in Mumbai

Nubello Aesthetics is in the hair industry from past 8 years, and we specialize in hair loss treatments. Most of the times extreme dandruff condition leads to hair loss, and in those circumstances, we have proudly satisfied more than 5K clients.

Only an expert dandruff doctor can present a definite and permanent solution that not only cures dandruff but also nourishes hair. We at Nubello have dermatologists with more than 10years experience. And we are one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai located in Andheri and Kharghar. We at Nubello Aesthetics, ensure that our clients get the best of hair treatments, care and comfort. Our team of experienced hair surgeons make sure that you get the best dandruff treatment in Mumbai.

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