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A Brief Overview

Baldness is one of the major problems suffered by both men and female now-a-days, and it’s a lot to worry about.

Thus loss of hair now occurs in both men and women due to various reasons.

Male pattern baldness

What causes hair loss in men? Well there is no straight answer to this question because one cannot pinpoint the exact solution for this. There are various factors including pollution, nutrition intake, the products you use, water, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. Thus, men in the age group of 20 to 55 are affected by hair loss problem

Hair implantation center in navi mumbai

Female pattern baldness

In today’s generation women hair loss problem is a major problem even females suffer from intense hair loss. Now, it’s very hard to say why women suffer from hair loss problem. Not many of the women consume alcohol or smoke rather I would say that the ratio of women who smoke is about 30:70 then the non smokers and even so the consumption of alcohol amongst women ranges to the ratio of 45:55. Yet majority of these women suffer with baldness.

Female pattern baldness treatment in navi Mumbai

NU Vantage Point

Fue hair restoration is done without any cut or stitches.

A patient with FUE treatment recovers very fast in about 4 to 6 days with his/her normal routine.

This process can be done for filling hair loss areas, wound healing areas, stitches areas of the hair scalp.

Hair treatment (FUE) is done to expand the hair with harvesting from the donor area.

hair loss restoration and treatment center in navi mumbai

Hair Loss Causes

Hair implantation center

What causes Hair Loss?

FUE treatment can be recommended and advised to people who need to get back their hair. It is a genuine cure for baldness.

50 to 100 strands - As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.

Non Heredity - Sudden hair loss is not related with heredity issues. It’s usually the effect of bad medication.

Cosmetics - Heavy use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes,etc. may lead to severe issues related with hair loss.

" I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25, why not! And so should you! Either you are in your 20s or in 30 "
Wayne Rooney (Footballer)

FUE Hair Restoration Treatment

Patient is analysed in the clinic for his conditions.
Here at Nubello hair transplant and surgery centre we have hair doctors who are very skilled and specialized in their fields of operations. We provide the best Female hair loss treatment procedures and even for men our expert team of surgeons are always ready.
Local anaesthesia is provided to the patient for treatment and the entire donor area of the back head is trimmed to 1-2 mm length.
Hair follicles are extracted from the back of head under local anaesthesia with the help of special micro punches
Those follicles are than implanted in the bald area.
The implanted area will heal in just few days.
Post procedure precautions and medication is provided by our expert doctors.
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Female pattern baldness treatment in navi Mumbai
Female hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai
hair fall before and after images
men hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai

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