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" With the exception of bone marrow, your hair is the fastest growing tissue on your body! "


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A Brief Overview

Body hair typically regrows in 1-2 weeks after plucking or waxing.But what if there aren't any body hair to pluck or wax?

Some might feel good about the time and effort being saved in waxing but in reality the human prowess would leave its meaning and may result in complications.

Nature has created men's and women's body to face severe and tough weather and climate.Body hair has been one of the most unique features it imbibed in such a way that would impede any distress.But due to some or the other reasons ranging from genetics to pollution our body does grow hair on some of the body parts.Changing climate due to green house effect or hormonal changes within oneself can be responsible for this factors.However that being said,it is not the end of the world!

Nubello has the best body hair transplant doctors in the world with years of experience in fue hair tranplant using body hair which will instill your faith in the transplantation treatment.

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NU Vantage Points

Score Factor - Cost of body hair transplant (India) is considered to be soaring from day to day. But at Nubello, body hair transplant to head cost are remarkably judicious. World renowned body hair transplant specialists/surgeons analyse and provide foolproof solutions and advise to men and women.

Sleek Records - There are hardly any beard and body hair transplant disadvantages attached to body hair transplant growth

The Interrogation - Does body hair transplant work? how much does (Fue) body hair transplant cost in India? Who is the best body hair transplant surgeon in India? Is Fue hair transplant using body hair better than FUT? Which is the best body hair transplant to head in India? Which is the best body hair transplant in Mumbai? Phew..~~

If you have innumerable questions as above then please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our doctors will advise on each and every query without any ambiguity.

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Hair Loss Causes

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Other Causes of Hair Loss

50 to 100 strands - As per American Academy of Dermatology people across the globe lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on an average basis due to lifestyle changes.

Non Heredity - Having uniformity in size of hair follicles and sudden hair loss is not related with heredity issues. It’s usually the effect of bad medication.

Cosmetics - Heavy and ignorant use of dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons may lead to severe issues related with hair loss.

I have always thought that if women's hair posed so many problems, God would certainly have made us bald."
Marjane Satrapi

Body Hair Implantation Procedure

Initially the procedure starts off with counselling with the Nubello surgeons so as to understand the basic difference between BHT and FUE and also the realistic outcomes. Body Hair Transplant uses the FUE procedure for restoring the complete needed area. It is found that FUE leaves no scarring.
Just like FUE, BHT is proceeded in mild oral sedatives and then if all the requirements meet the plucking of health hair grafts from body is done and then transplanted into the balder scalp and also to the donor region scars so as to give it proper coverage. The hair grafts extracted contain only 1 hair as compared to scalp grafts which may contain 1to 4 hairs.
BHT tends to a refined and a new challenging technique as the hair evolved from the body possesses quite different traits. Hence the post care is also required at the end of the method. It rarely leaves visible marks and so further recovery period is also found to be minimal.
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