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" Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don't mind going through a little bush to get there"
Minnie Pearl (American Comedian)


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And so may be excitement to kiss men with a thick beard never stops. Jokes apart, let us get to an overview about facial hair growth transplant.

If King Leonidas (from movie '300'),Gandalf (from ' The Lord of the Rings') or the most famous Blondie (from 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly') didn't sport the sturdy and sharp beard and moustache then it certainly would have removed the interesting aspect of the movie.

A Brief Overview

For decades, people believed only the transplantation of scalp hair was feasible and possible. However, changing times have made specialists and experts to go one step further and innovate treatments which were only a wish.

Beard and moustache transplantation is a trend now in India and United Kingdom due to its growing influence from movies and fashion. Though beard transplantation was done to men due to hormonal causes or medicinal after effect issues, there have been an increase in facial hair transplantation due to various reasons from the men’s thought of symbol of manhood to a mandate of a religion.

Secondary sexual characters of a man are judged by his appearance and presence of moustache and beard in modern society.

Creating and restoring facial hair to Sideburns, cheeks, Beard, Goatee, Mustache and Beard


NU Vantage Points

An increase of 18% in transplant related to facial hair transplant surgery is been seen consistently for the past 3 years

Sideburns, Beard, Goatee and Mustache are the descending order in which the maximum transplants are done and enquired throughout the world.

Hardly a second sitting for Moustache and Beard transplant operation

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Hair Loss Causes

Hair implantation center

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Certain scars due to any trauma, surgical procedure or burns

Ailments related to Alopecia

Chronic issues like cancer or other infections

Scarring caused by conditions such as folliculitis

Beard hair loss because of previous transplant surgeries.

Facial Hair Transplant Procedure / Beard Transplant Procedure:

The specialist first meets up with you to understand what is the exact situation and issue. After ample consultation the further process is decided by mutual understanding of the day of the treatment.
First the specialist locates the donor area of the individual (may be back of the scalp or any other region decided by the specialist). Then he examines the donor hair and skin to check the suitability of the transplant. Subsequently, he performs a FUE or FUT procedure towards the destined area of the patient. Once the actual FUE is done, then the doctor advises for a post care.
The implanted hair usually falls off within 20 days after which the new natural hair will start to grow. So for about 20 days you will be recommended to not use the shaver. A proper set of instructions containing all the do’s and don’ts will be given in writing so that the after care is taken care of in the best possible way.
beard transplantation procedure

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