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So just imagine what happens when your body turns against yourself? It’s not just betrayal of functions of body but a huge dilemma to the affected person. This condition is named as Alopecia areata, a systematic autoimmune disease or disorder in which the body attacks its own antigen hair follicles and suppresses it to stop hair growth.

A Brief Overview

What are those bald spots on the scalp of your hair?

Men and women have faced issues related to hair fall on varied basis. But Alopecia, the technical term which is used in medical science for the condition of baldness is one of the most troubling and erratic issues faced by people.

Comparatively, male pattern baldness beats female pattern baldness worldwide. It is estimated as per Nubello, that more than 50% of males less than 50yrs of age has been affected by Alopecia patches


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Alopecia areata multilocularis - is hair loss affecting on multiple area. Hair loss throughout the scalp and body without any boundaries is known as alopecia areata totalis and alopecia areata universalis respectively. Off course, this kind of alopecia hair disease is very rare.

Alopecia (baldness) - is usually uncommon amongst women however it starts becoming rampant when they hit menopause as they seem to lose out female hormones.

There are number of types in alopecia. To name a few are, scarring alopecia, telogen effluvium, tricotilomania, anagen alopecia,traction alopecia and what not.

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Hair Loss Causes

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Alopecia Causes:

Alopecia symptoms differ from case to case, male to female and one of the most important factors is AGE.

The real cause for alopecia is still elusive as per researchers and fellows of Nubello but however it certainly emanates from the presented info graph.

Paths to Alopecia Cure:

First and foremost, have a consultation with NU specialist who will first understand your health history and listen to all the issues you face. After which the specialist will diagnose you for alopecia hair loss. Once the case is determined the alopecia doctor will give a clear picture about the future treatments. It may vary from follicular unit transplantation to Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment in terms of surgical methods, or through non-surgical methods like applying oils and taking oral tablets depending upon the case.
Now this phase is left for you to decide. We leave up to you to decide to go further with method of alopecia treatment. However, the patient is expected follow the recommendation of the doctor as it would be beneficial and helpful for his/her own well being.
Generally, the results for alopecia can be expected to be seen within 30 -40 days. However, it is better to check up with the NU Alopecia Specialist for the accurate results.
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Check this alopecia photos/images to know more about alopecia hair disease and alopecia hair transplant.

alopecia hair loss treatment before and after

Please check out this alopecia video to know more about alopecia hair loss treatment, alopecia recovery and alopecia regrowth of hair

Female pattern baldness treatment in navi Mumbai
Female hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai
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men hair loss treatment in navi Mumbai

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